The 1.50mm Pixel Pitch LED Display shone at ISE 2014


At ISE we launched the next generation in cutting edge LED technology showcasing the incredible Magnolia 1.50mm pixel pitch in a full Ultra HD format. The 1.50mm received a truly great reaction with everyone captivated by the screens incredible low pixel pitch, stunning brightness and superb resolution.

Due to our revolutionary Common Cathode technology that drives each screen, we are able to show how the technology enhances the displays brightness and resolution while keeping the power consumption and heat output to a minimum.

The Magnolia 1.50mm offers the smallest pixel pitch display on the market, making direct view LED displays possible for the first time for close proximity applications. The innovative design of the Common Cathode LED driver circuits makes these LED displays suitable for markets that traditionally used lower quality display technologies, such as LCD, plasma or DLP projection cubes.

Typical applications for the LED screens include corporate lobbies and conference suites, high-end signage in retail environments, VIP areas in sporting arenas and large format displays for command and control centres.

The very tight pixel pitch of the Magnolia results in the elimination of Moiré effects and, combined with the specialized circuitry that eliminates ghosting, these displays are particularly well suited for TV broadcast studio applications. By virtually every measure, from viewing angle, to total brightness, contrast, color saturation and the overall clarity of the display, the direct view LED displays from SiliconCore are by far the best large area video display technology available anywhere.