Common Cathode Technology

SiliconCore offers comprehensive and in-depth training courses for customers, installers, system integrators, service technicians and industry consultants. For both front and rear service cabinets, our courses cover installation, setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, service and calibration. Each course emphasizes “hands-on” experience with all aspects of SiliconCore products.

2 day Course Details

Designed for: Installers, system integrators, service technicians.

The course covers:
– LEDVision orientation.
– Cabinet orientation, including all internal and external components.
– Power, data, video and USB subsystems.
– XYZ module adjustments.
– Troubleshooting and maintenance.
– Component replacement and module calibration.

Learn to:
– Understand the functions and capabilities of each cabinet and subsystem.
– Understand how SiliconCore LED screens are configured.
– Understand how the LED Vision program functions.
– Perform troubleshooting and maintenance.
– Replace components and calibrate cabinets.

Full Certification:

Students successfully completing the exam with a passing score of 80% will be awarded the designation of “SiliconCore Certified Systems Technician.”

Students can elect to take the course without certification, upon which they will be awarded a “Certificate of Completion.”

Venue: On site at SiliconCore headquarters, Milpitas, California.

Class size: Maximum 12.

Materials required: Laptop.

Upcoming Training Class Dates

Please email for the next scheduled training dates.

  • November 13/14 2019
  • February 26/27 2020
  • May 20/21 2020
  • September 16/17 2020
  • November 11/12 2020


To enroll, or for additional information, please contact: