System Design


SiliconCore Service

The SiliconCore team can help you with the entire project. From writing the specifications, to providing drawings, through building the product and even making sure that the display is installed properly with your staff fully trained, we will be there for you. We have offices all around the world to help with the marketing, sales and technical services that you might need.

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System Specifications

Every SiliconCore display system comes with standard DVi input, with HDMI possible through an adaptor, to allow our products to be connected to virtually any video source. Cell phones, tablets, cameras, PC’s, laptops, towers and media servers can easily be used to drive all our displays through our standard interfaces. Displays of up to a full 1080p can be fed directly by a single DVi port, larger displays with greater than 2,077,000 can easily be driven by standard video processors or digital players that can handle multiple displays.

Warranty & Service

SiliconCore is unique in offering a comprehensive 3 year warranty on all of its products.

The solid state architecture and extreme reliability of our products ensures that our displays will maintain a tiny failure rate for a long time. This will give help give customers peace of mind knowing that their content will be perfectly presented on all SiliconCore’s products.

The proprietary Common Cathode technology used to drive our LED Displays insures a very long lifetime, well in excess of 100,000 hours thanks to the low power and low heat design. This means that all of the elements of our products benefit from running with very low stress in their operation and therefore require virtually no maintenance.

With offices and service centers throughout the world, SiliconCore is offering our integration partners a comprehensive support service, tailored to suit every project and client.

TAA Compliance

SiliconCore has been producing TAA compliant LED displays for the Common Cathode product lines for the past two years. With facilities located in Silicon Valley, the manufacturer has ensured that integrators working within the guidelines of TAA compliance have received this essential standard in their products, supplying displays to more than 20 government installations worldwide.

TAA accreditation is a requirement for products being supplied into government contracts, as part of the Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. § 2501–2581) to foster fair and open international trade. TAA compliant products must undergo ‘substantial transformation’ within the United States or a designated country, including countries that have reciprocal trade agreements with the US, Caribbean Basin countries and certain ‘least developed’ countries. TAA is held in high esteem, with steep penalties for false compliance.

The best way to ensure TAA compliance is to source products made by reputable manufacturers able to validate their TAA compliance status. As such, SiliconCore is committed to its government customers by continuing to provide a TAA compliant line of Common Cathode products.