Lavender 1.2mm


The Lavender 1.2mm display makes the benefits of high resolution LED displays available within conventional large format display sizes, reaching full HD at just 110” diagonal measurement. With a minimum viewing distance of less than one meter, every detail is displayed with perfect clarity. This makes the Lavender platform ideal for close proximity applications, from boardrooms and meeting spaces to corporate lobbies, control rooms, TV studios and many more.

THE Z.A.C.H. Z(Impedance) Adjustment for Color Homogeneity driver chip provides more accurate color reproduction and low brightness uniformity. The high dynamic range provides a vivid and more accurate image reproduction. The higher refresh rates allow for a more comfortable viewing experience.

The Lavender LED display is powered by SiliconCore’s revolutionary Common Cathode LED technology, reducing power dissipation by up to 40% while significantly boosting the display performance. This benchmark represents a doubling in the scan rate, a four-fold increase in processing speed and a five-fold increase in pixel processing.

The front service accessibility reduces the depth of the unit, and thanks to the Common Cathode technology, the screen runs cool, eliminating the need for any forced cooling. As a result, displays can be recessed into the tightest of spaces with no danger of overheating.


Technical Specification

LED Pitch 1.2mm
Maximum Brightness 1200 (Nits)
Minimum Brightness .15 (Nits)
Dynamic Range  Ratio 8,000:1
Display Resoution 623,265 (Pixels /㎡)
Refresh Rate (selectable) >1.9K or 3.8K (Hz)
Video Frame Rates Supported 50/60/100/120 (Hz)
Servicability Front or Optional Rear Service Accessible
Scan Configuration 1/15 scan
LED Driver IC Custom Common Cathode LED ZACH Driver
LED Type SMD – 0606
Front Service Cabinet Size (W x H x D) 608 x 342 x 76 (mm)
Rear Service Cabinet Size (W x H x D) 608 x 342 x 82 (mm)
Construction Material Aluminum
Front Service Cabinet Weight (approximate) 9.8 (Kg)
Rear Service Cabinet Weight (approximate) 9.8 (Kg)
Cabinet Resolution 480 x 270 (Pixels)
Cabinet Configuration 2 x 1 (Modules)
Module Dimensions 304 x 342 (mm)
Viewing Angle (50% Brightness) 160° Horizontal, 160° Vertical
Certification PSE, ETL, CE.FCC, RoHS, CCC
Operating Power Voltage 100-240 Volts
Operating Power Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Consumption at 1200 Nits (Maximum Brightness) Max: 600 Typ: 200 (W/㎡)
Typical Power Consumption at 800 Nits 149  (W/ ㎡)
Operating Temperature -20 min/+45 max °C
Storage Temperature -20 min/+60 max °C
Operating Humidity 20% min/90% max
Storage Humidity 10% min/90% max
Nominal LED Work Life (50% Brightness) >_ 100,000 Hours
Video Input to Send Box Controller DVI/HDMI
Software Brightness Control 256 steps
Grey Scale Max 16 bits