SiliconCore Magnolia 1.5mm becomes 4K Certified by Crestron


The SiliconCore Magnolia 1.50mm LED is the first video wall solution to become certified as a 4K supplier by industry giant Crestron®. Featuring the smallest pixel pitch on the market and a native 4K resolution, this highly sought after accreditation confirms that the display meets the demands of a 4K distributed system.

Under the Crestron 4K Certified program, Crestron engineers in the DigitalMedia™ Lab rigorously test 4K products to ensure they work when used with DigitalMedia in a matrix-switched environment. Only those that do are awarded the Crestron 4K Certified logo. Now, for integrators and end users, finding a database of 4K products they can trust is as simple as visiting A complete test report is posted for each certified product, providing valuable information for systems integrators to reference during system design.

Dominick Accurso, Manager, Integrated Partner Program at Crestron, explains:

“Creating reliable 4K distribution systems requires sources and displays that are certified to work to specification within a DigitalMedia environment. We are proud to announce that the Magnolia 1.50mm pitch LED display from SiliconCore is the first Crestron 4K certified video wall on the market. Silicon Core is a great partner, and the Magnolia is a beautiful display.”

The unity between SiliconCore and Crestron was unveiled for the first time at InfoComm 2014, where a 260” diagonal (19ft x 11ft) 1.50mm display took center stage above the Crestron booth. The Magnolia 4K LED display formed a striking entrance to the Main Hall, delivering a large-scale 4K experience and showcasing the expanded line-up of Crestron DigitalMedia 4K products. The impressive display was used in conjunction with a live switching demonstration, enabling visitors to learn more about 4K video including sources, distribution and displays.

Eric Li, President and CEO of SiliconCore commented:

“Positioned high above the Crestron booth, the clarity, uniformity and true seamlessness of the display was a highlight of the show for visitors. In a rarely seen demonstration, the majority of the content featured static white imagery showcasing the uniformity and quality of SiliconCore’s technology. We are proud to be working with Crestron to help deliver its 4K Already message and enhance the systems that they can offer with the benefits that only our products deliver. The Magnolia 1.50mm has changed the LED landscape, now making the technology applicable for direct view displays within close proximity applications.”

SiliconCore has revolutionised the LED display industry by developing a new way to drive the LEDs using Common Cathode Technology, replacing the traditional Common Anode approach. The Common Cathode Technology design is a much more efficient at generating a given brightness for a given amount of power, ensuring that less power is wasted as heat, reducing power consumption and increasing the lifespan of the display. The end result of displays using Common Cathode Technology is a beautiful display with market leading total cost of ownership.