SiliconCore launches new creative LED solutions at InfoComm 2014


SiliconCore Technology will launch its new modular Sunflower P3.0mm LED Display at InfoComm, showcasing how it can be used to build unusual and intricate LED patterns, as well as unveiling its first touch screen interactive LED display at Booth N1357 (North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Centre).

As with all SiliconCore products, the Sunflower utilises the revolutionary Common Cathode technology which significantly reduces power consumption, therefore reducing the heat dissipation, resulting in market leading total cost of ownership.

These benefits are now available for integrators with projects that require unconventional display shapes for creative installations, whether in retail or corporate spaces. The Sunflower will be available in 192mm x 96mm (7.6” x 3.8”) panels that join seamlessly together on a metal frame through a magnetic system, enabling simple installation and integration.

The incredible Magnolia 1.5mm LED display that launched in February 2014 and will be shown for the first time at InfoComm, will be used to create an interactive LED touchscreen. Featuring an 11 point touch capability, the product will showcase how the superior viewing angles and cool running of the SiliconCore LED displays make it the perfect platform for large scale interactive displays.

This is the next generation in cutting edge LED display technology, featuring the smallest pixel pitch on the market in HD format. The innovative design of the Common Cathode LED driver circuits has revolutionized the direct view LED display market and has enabled such close proximity applications.

The SiliconCore booth will also feature an Orchid P1.9mm display in a 165” screen size, featuring revolutionary passive 3D technology on an LED display. Audiences will be able to don glasses for the 3D experience, which will deliver the brightness of LED but without the flickering associated with other display technologies, therefore reducing eye strain for a more comfortable viewing experience.

For applications that will be viewed from further a-field, a portrait format Orchid P1.95 and Peony P2.6mm walls will be featured, ideal to accurately display the vibrancy and excitement of the catwalk in retail applications.

Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore explains:

“SiliconCore has revolutionised the LED display industry by developing a new way to drive the LEDs using the Common Cathode mode, replacing the traditional Common Anode method. We are looking forward to demonstrating the capabilities of our innovative product range at this year’s show with a host of new features including 3D viewing and touch interactivity.”

The manufacturer will also be a presenter at the Display Summit taking place at the LVH Hotel and Casino 16-17 June, just prior to InfoComm. Leading the way in the industry, SiliconCore will be discussing the need for standards across the LED wall industry and proposing a new design quality figure of merit (FOM) as a standard to alleviate confusion and blurred definitions of performance.

To register to attend the Display Summit, please visit or to book an appointment to see SiliconCore at InfoComm Vegas please email or Tweet @SiliconCoreLED.