Wynn Sportsbook


Wynn Sportsbook


Peony 2.6mm


Las Vegas, USA

Wynn Sports Book, Vegas has been transformed into a cutting edge high tech space with a theatrical new 137’ curved LED Peony 2.6mm display.

Working together with Technology West, Analog Way and rp Visual Solutions, our installation is the first of its kind in Vegas, considered a feat of engineering with many complex architectural and technical challenges. The 1,176 tile, 21 million pixel display takes up 10,000sqft and was completed in only 8 weeks, with a unique design and ceiling support system which appears as seamless as its curves in the decedent space.

The displays, which have replaced older rear projectors, align closely to the walls offering a 160° amphitheatre like view.

“This project has set the standard in Vegas for Sports Books, taking the crown as the largest display of its kind and giving Wynn the edge for attracting sports fans.” - Richard Reisig, General Manager of Technology West