Tangram Interiors


Tangram Interiors


Magnolia 1.50mm


Los Angeles

SiliconCore Technology worked with Tangram to create a space where comfort and technology combine in the ‘living room’ area of Tangram Interiors downtown showroom in Los Angeles.

Creating a focal point around the kitchen, bar and seating area, the Tangram team didn’t want customers to just come in and look at products; they wanted them to feel comfortable around them. The display unifies the space without detracting from its surroundings, displaying news and brand content.

With a brightness of 1500nits , the screen performs perfectly in the ambient, airy and modern space and offers a viewing distance of only 4’ (1.5m) and a horizontal 160° viewing angle which complements foot traffic through the showroom and closer viewing from the seated living room area.

“This interior showroom pushes the boundaries of technology, furniture and office layouts for an open and engaging work environment. So much so that we invite our community to use this as a workspace.”