Melbourne Airport


Melbourne Airport


Daffodil 2.5mm


Melbourne, Australia

In December 2017, Melbourne Airport in Australia unveiled a statement LED display to the public, after completing an expansion to its Terminal 2 International Baggage Reclaim Hall, an area which handles on average 96,000 travellers a day, and is used as an application for digital art.

Deployed by EngieAV via John Holland Group for MelAir, the “Carousel” project consists of over 85 meters of our Daffodil 2.5mm pitch LED panels, the total canvas can display 33600 x 405 pixels at an impressive brightness of 1700 nits.
A standout feature of the display is its 90 degree angles. Existing architecture had to have cut outs around the screen to accommodate fire doors and bag chutes. We assisted with the entire process, partnering with Engie AV to deliver the design and the wall mount front serviceable frame of the LED ribbon. The impressive 85meter curve consists of eight cabinets machined into a V shape, which the team were instrumental in creating.

The centred curve angle of each cabinet was engineered to match the step curve angles between cabinets thus reducing the angularity of the curvature steps by half. To allow for the very smooth curvature of the display, the LED cabinets had to be custom made to have sub-cabinet curvature steps within the cabinets.

With a non-standard screen ratio, the ribbon as a platform for immersive art installations – an opportunity to offer passengers a positive and engaging experience as well as give a sense of depth to the space. The ceiling height has been raised at every opportunity, and services have been concealed within channels that extend across the width of the reclaim area to further enhance the volume of the space.

“The new carousel is a necessary piece of infrastructure, which will enable the airport to process more international travellers, especially during the morning and evening peaks. Now that the carousel is in operation ahead of the Christmas peak we hope all of our travellers enjoy a seamless entry into the world’s most liveable city.” Simon Gandy, Melbourne Airport Chief of Aviation