Insurance Provider


Insurance Provider


Orchid 1.9mm



An insurance provider based in downtown Boston installed our Orchid 1.9mm LED display into its renovated corporate boardroom. Located on the fifteenth floor, the room capitalizes on city skyline views with floor-to-ceiling windows along two walls, and hosts a custom conference table with seating to accommodate up to 32 people. A display was required that would ensure people who were seated close up and at a distance could clearly see documents with small text in a highly ambient room without implications to image quality.

Consultant AV Helpdesk specified an 8.5’x 11’ 1.9mm LED display for its close proximity viewing angle and its ability to performing at half brightness even on a bright day, which extends the potential lifespan of up to 100,000 hours of use. The client is therefore able to leave the window blinds open to enjoy the views with no impact to the image quality.

“This was a risky project. No one had installed LED technology in a Boardroom application at that time. When asking some of my counterparts in the industry about using the technology in this type of an application, I was told that it was too bright or that the pixel pitch was not small enough for viewing corporate communication content from so close. The quality of product speaks for itself. The responsiveness and efficiency of the Silicon Core service team was second to none.”Says Steve Grace, Principal at AV Helpdesk