Grand Hyatt Tokyo


Grand Hyatt Tokyo


Orchid 1.9mm


Tokyo, Japan

The event hire spaces of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo have undergone a style and technology renovation by unifying their second floor residential design and the fourth floor’s banquet rooms with the installation of our first 192” Orchid 1.9mm LED display in Japan.

The impressive display creates a striking first impression, with its seamless design, paper thin 200mm depth, and unique driver chip, which maintains brightness with no compromise to the image quality, ideal for the hotel’s ambient light environment.

The displays have emerged as one of the key sales factors in the business. With front service access (FSA) and Common Cathode Technology for reduced power dissipation and longer lifespan, the screens strengthen the hotel’s competitive edge, great for displaying clients’ marketing and sponsor information, as well as staying ahead of the growing demand for conference spaces and the 2020 Olympics.

"Having inbuilt large displays in the two key rooms makes fast set up for events possible with great image reproduction and viewing angles throughout the spaces."- Ume Makoto of SiliconCore's Japanese Team