FIFA World Football Museum


FIFA World Cup Museum


Lavender 1.2


Zurich, Germany

The popular Sportsbar 1904 in the FIFA World Football Museum, Zurich has maximized revenue options by installing three two meter Lavender 1.2mm LED displays, creating the most comfortable viewing experience and becoming the visual highlight of the museum.

Together with integrators AVS Systems AG, we were able to install the three screens less than 200mm from the wall of the bar, thanks to our bespoke brackets and front servicing features. Combined with our Common Cathode Technology, which reduces cooling infrastructures and heat generation, the additional space means that viewers can enjoy 160° viewing angles in complete comfort from less than one meter away.

As well as providing high resolution and large bandwidth streaming systems, the displays meet FIFA’s varying needs, including up to 16 matches streamed simultaneously, layout transformation for conferences involving FIFA show reels, advertizing and presentations, and can be updated by in-house staff easily to meet additional revenue streams.

"The extra space gained with this design has meant area usage can be maximised, therefore expanding revenue streams and business potential in the venue."- Laila Hede Jensen, Vice President of Sales – Europe for SiliconCore