Energy Producer


Energy Producer


Camellia 0.95mm


Abu Dhabi

One of the world’s largest energy producers unveiled a state-of-the-art command and control room in its Abu Dhabi headquarters, featuring a remarkable 49.8m curved Camellia 0.95mm LED display; making it the largest installation of a sub-1mm pixel pitch LED display in the world in 2017.

The command and control room is the epicenter of the company’s HQ. Installed by integrator, Omnix, our LED display is used to monitor hundreds of the corporation’s oil fields, vessels, and transport and fuel stations across multiple locations.

Due to the mission critical nature of operations, 24 hour monitoring is needed so there can be no downtime, with ease of service and maintenance. The Camellia 0.95mm relays real time information, without flicker thanks to its 3.8k Hz refresh rate and has a stunning visual impact upon entering the room, engaging employees and increasing productivity levels.

Data is remodelled and visualized in 41K resolution, equivalent to over ten 4K walls to form one continuous visual map of all the critical data, points needed at any given moment to react efficiently to operations. The panorama video wall, features 0.95mm pitch, 40,320 x 2160 pixels, is fully front serviceable, and has a viewing distance of less than one meter. The system is controlled by RGB Spectrum, with 4K scaling for the content across the whole wall.

As well as this LED display, two further environments have been equipped with screens. A Crisis Centre now features a 4K 0.95mm wall with 3840 x 3860 pixels. Deployed for content feeds from the main wall, it can select any content from the building when required. In addition, the lobby area features a statement 4K 0.95mm wall to welcome guests to the Command and Control Center.
This center is ahead of its time and a huge testament to the future of AV technology in oil and gas corporations in the region.