Dolby Gallery


Dolby Gallery


Orchid 1.9mm


San Francisco, US

Dolby Gallery in San Francisco features an LED display in its Headquarters lobby, which creates an immersive visual experience as clients walk by or enter, bringing works of art and technology together.

A 62-foot-wide Orchid 1.9mm LED display was installed, which L-shapes around a corner in the lobby. The screen provides the creative business with a visual impact from the moment clients and staff enter the building. Adding to the immersive experience is a 52-channel, surround-sound Dolby Atmos system that includes 34 subwoofers.

Dolby Gallery continues to update the content used across the 62-foot display, and in 2018, Studio Daily was enlisted to create 3D animated content inspired by the futuristic, sci-fi, film noir genre that includes films like Blade Runner 2049 and The Fifth Element. The content loops on a seven minute cycle providing viewers with consistently changing visuals that help create the experience through lighting and movement.