Atlantis Casino


Atlantis Casino


Peony 2.6mm


Reno, USA

We are proud to have installed two Peony 2.6mm displays in the Sports Bar and Lounge at Atlantis Spa and Casino, Reno.

The two 139” x 79” displays, which adorn the focal wall of the bar, were recommended to Atlantis by integrators Vision Control Associates for their life-like image quality and long lifespan due to patented Common Cathode technology, reducing power dissipation and overall total cost of ownership.

Since replacing the four projectors previously in place, Atlantis have taken advantage of the ability to seamlessly switch between various live streams, including racing and wider sporting events at evenings and weekends via video processors. The screens also offer increased brightness and reduce light reflection, which had often impeded projections. The LED screens need very little maintenance, in contrast with frequent bulb changes for the projectors.

"Our guests are loving the new screens. The word really got around when we had just one of the screens installed and they could see the side by side comparison.” - Kimberlee Tolkien, Assistant General Manager, Atlantis Casino