Magnolia 1.5mm


New York City

Our 1.5mm Magnolia LED display was selected in partnership with ideas and innovation experts AKQA for an immersive sports retail environment in New York City.

The brief was to create a 300sq foot LED display to show realistic video footage of varying landscapes and terrains, while runners on treadmills completed a 50 minute class facing the massive screen. The footage was shown on an awe-inspiring, seamless 363” diagonal display reaching up to 10.6’ high and 28.3’ wide.

Our Magnolia LED display was chosen for its incredible ability to mimic reality; 12.5 million pixels, deep grey scale, high contrast and wide colour gamut make for a video wall the runners could completely lose themselves in. In addition to these specifications, the vivid display is bright enough for retail application at 2000 Nits and has a low total power consumption of only 9.94kW, thanks to our patented Common Cathode technology.


“The color, contrast and resolution were nothing like we had seen before. Ever since that installation, we’ve used SiliconCore as our gold standard for display technology.” - Nick Mitrousis, Group Technical Director at AKQA