Our Displays Take Center Stage at InfoComm 2017


Our fine pixel pitch Peony 2.6mm and Magnolia 1.5mm LED displays took Center Stage at this year’s Infocomm Show in Orlando, FL.

New to 2017, the Center Stage area hosted brief thought-leadership talks throughout the show, with guest presenters highlighting applications such as entertainment, enterprise, healthcare, education and hospitality.

Two Peony displays were suspended from the ceiling of the Orange County Convention Center, hanging above the presentations to grab the attention of passersby. Show-specific content was shown, including the presentations schedule and information about next year’s Vegas show.

On stage, two Magnolia displays flanked the speakers displaying full HD quality at a resolution of 147,000 pixels per square meter. With the ability to reach a brightness of up to 2000 nits, the Magnolia was the perfect display for this application.

We also revealed its new LED driver chip Z.A.C.H. at the show, which achieves uniform brightness and homogenous color at exceptionally low brightness levels. The technology embedded in the chip can accurately detect impedance variations of each LED and apply an adjustment compensation.