Fox Italy


Fox Italy


Orchid 1.9mm


Italy, Europe

Fox International Channel Europe’s Italian News Studio has unveiled a new set up, complete with a full HD 12’ x 8’ Orchid 1.9mm LED display.

Sitting directly behind the presenter, the display’s Moiré-free tight pixel pitch allows for a more creative and engaging studio backdrop. The extra wide 160° viewing angle is perfect for off axis viewing shots, with no drop off in imagery and absolutely no flickering or ghosting.

Our patented Common Cathode technology reduces energy dissipation throughout the display, giving finer LED pitch, brightness, image quality and a colour temperature range of 11,000 Kelvin and 2,800 Kelvin. By reducing heat output it eliminates the need for additional cooling systems, extending the display’s lifespan by more than 10,000 hours for industry leading total cost of ownership.

"Traditionally LED wouldn’t have been used as a studio backdrop due to moiré effects that appear on the screen when broadcast, but the fine pixel pitch and Common Cathode design eliminate these making it the ideal flexible solution."- Maurizio Raffaeli, Director of Operations and IT