‘Breakthroughs and Innovations in Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays’ by Eric Penot, Chief Operating Officer


According to a Futuresource Consulting report,  the category of Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED displays,  reached sales of $1.1bn last year – by 2020 this is forecast to reach an impressive $2.2bn.  More and more, tighter pixel pitch LED displays are challenging other indoor display technologies. Fantastic news for those of us in the industry as demand clearly shows no signs of stopping.

This past year, fine pixel pitch displays in particular have shown an encouraging year on year growth of 62%.

What does the future hold for fine pixel pitch displays? As the density of LED displays increases, technological challenges exist with heat management, pixel control, durability as well as overall economies of scale.

Keep in mind Indoor LED displays were born from the designs of outdoor LED displays.  Many of those designs from decades ago are still in place. Design changes are in order for the segment to continue its role in displacing advanced technologies such as videowalls, projection or similar.

Let’s look at physical design.

As the package of Surface Mount Devices  get smaller and smaller, the attachment points have decreased creating a more fragile connection resulting in pixels that simply fall off,  if not handled correctly.

The next technological breakthrough is in minimizing the physical weaknesses in LED design.  COB commonly referred to as “Chip on Board” manufacturing is the next breakthrough for fine pixel pitch LED displays.

This revolutionary wave in manufacturing offers water, dust and break-proof features – all essential for the DOOH and rental market where current fine pixel pitch fragility has previously been an issue.  At SiliconCore, the latest innovation in our portfolio of display technologies is LISA, LED in Silicon Array, which really pushes the envelope for even tighter pixel pitch LED displays.

With LISA, we have rewritten the rules with a radical departure of how the displays are manufactured.  Combining our unique COB manufacturing with our existing  Common Cathode technology we’ve created a highly innovative large format display platform for emerging LED markets.  This technology provides a more robust, rigid and durable design with more precise levels of detail, while ensuring pixels are not dropped or damaged.  Increasingly we’ve seen more international clients drive towards adoption of fine pitch LED for global deployment, having validated it’s effectiveness in one location and looking to expand.   With integrators and distributors actively supporting the technology, it’s definitely worth thinking about when considering an innovative change to your brand or image.

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