A fantastic Wynn!


Wynn Race & Sports Book unveiled a cutting edge AV makeover to create a new high tech space featuring a 137ft curved SiliconCore LED wall as the centerpiece.
Working together with Technology West, Analog Way and rp Visual Solutions, we delivered this ambitious installation project, which is a first of its kind in Las Vegas. It features a Peony 2.6mm LED display mounted across three walls to create one remarkable main display.

Featuring 1,176 tiles and 21 million pixels the display dominates the 10,000 sq ft Sports Book Installation, and was completed within an eight week timeframe; the window between major sporting seasons in the US.

The Wynn Las Vegas sports book is the first to be built as an integral part of the casino, as opposed to the traditional books, which are separated from the casino. The main display’s combination of exceptional visual quality and higher brightness enable a new way to design the sports book as a natural extension of the casino, providing a more inviting environment for guests. When combined with open sightlines from the casino in to the book, there is no hard break allowing guests in the casino to see the main display and be drawn to the excitement.

Previously, three rear-projection screens were used as the centrepiece, which meant a huge amount of architectural consideration was required to install the display. To ensure that it fits closely to the contour of the original Sports Book, the display walls have roughly two 90-degree curves, and they hang downward from the ceiling to half of the rooms height.

Measuring 168 cabinets wide by seven cabinets high, this design is entirely unique requiring complex ceiling suspension and architectural integration. rp Visual Solutions built a custom mount support and alignment structure to secure the 2.6mm display.

The visually seamless curves were created by rotating the 2.6mm cabinets to a portrait orientation to increase the number of facets, minimizing the rotation between cabinets and creating a precise curve.

A stunning installation!