Integrate 2018 was a show stopper


In August, the team attended Integrate to discuss the latest innovations in our LED displays and technology.

We had an incredible reaction to our Camellia 0.95mm pixel pitch LED display, which is already being installed across Australia. Displaying 10bit video content, it’s extremely high clarity image quality provided an almost lifelike viewing experience.

As a company, we invest an incredible amount of time into the research and development of LED technology. Integrate provided us with a great opportunity to showcase a 0.95mm prototype of our new LISA technology, which allowed us to let visitors physically interact with the PCBs with no worry of damaging the displays. This new innovation is set to reshape the future of LED manufacturing, and increase the displays durability.

We also showcased the Lavender 1.2mm and Orchid 1.9mm LED displays, which continue to be our best selling displays for close proximity viewing.