Exelon implements giant SiliconCore LED Displays in flagship HQ


We worked with consultant CallisonRTKL and integrator Mauell to create a cutting edge technology solution in Exelon Tower at Harbor point, featuring four of our LED displays as the flagship centerpieces to Exelon’s brand new $160million 21-storey building.  

Installed in Exelon’s state-of-the-art trading floor, are two LED displays each measuring 50’ x 7’ as a  centerpiece to the space, which houses 650 energy traders and Exelon employees. The 1.9mm LED display aggregates a wide range of complex content, including real-time TV and data feeds. In its position high above the trading and office space it allows for optimal viewing distance and takes advantage of our displays 160 degree viewing angle, providing an excellent quality picture for everyone in the space.

The lobby space features two Orchid 1.9mm LED displays side-by-side divided into a 16ft x 4.5ft and 4ft x 4.5ft sections. These are separated slightly and recessed into the wall as a statement central display for guests entering the reception area. Content created by leading graphics house Moment Factory features branded graphics outlining Exelon’s achievements and messaging.

Integration company Mauell designed a wall structure onto which both displays were installed on a bespoke frame solution from RPVisual Solutions allowing for immediate maintenance and servicing on any module, without affecting the surrounding modules, even while the screen is live with minimal disruption.