Entrepreneur technologist Dr. Heng Liu joins SiliconCore as Chief Strategy Officer


SiliconCore has announced that Dr. Heng Liu has joined the company as Chief Strategy Officer. Dr. Liu is a well known industry entrepreneur technologist who cofounded Bridgelux and AXT’s GaN blue LED business, where he held key positions as CEO and CTO.

Dr. Liu became well known in the LED industry with his development of the breakthrough high throughput GaN MOCVD reactor technology in 1994. Dr. Liu continued his research work at one of the world’s top LED research groups, Hewlett-Packard’s Optoelectronics Division, where he pioneered Hewlett-Packard’s GaN blue LED development, creating several generations of products that led to the foundation of what later became Lumileds. Dr. Liu cofounded Bridgelux Inc. in 2002, a company which pioneered the early development of high power LED devices and is now a leading provider of high power LED array products for the Solid State Lighting industry. Besides his technical achievements, Dr. Liu has also been instrumental in venture funding activity with high profile investors, raising close to $100M.

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Liu join our elite executive team,” commented Eric Li, President and CEO of SiliconCore Technology. “It is a testament to our revolutionary Common Cathode LED technology that has established the company as the worldwide leader in large format fine pitch LED displays, and Dr. Liu’s technology background brings new inspiration to SiliconCore and the broader LED display industry.”

Dr. Liu stated: “I am very excited to join SiliconCore and be part of the exploding high definition LED display business. The company’s Common Cathode technology differentiates SiliconCore’s products from other architectures by offering the best trade-off between high resolution, low power and heat dissipation, as well as long lifetime and reliability. SiliconCore’s strength in both IC design and LED driver architecture pave the way to solving many issues facing LED related applications, including smart lighting. The company is very well positioned to enter the next generation information era.”

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